Don’t let someone dim your light simply because it’s shining in their eyes.
Birthday Every Day!

This week started off on an interesting note… with my 22nd birthday :)

While historically something terrible always happens on or very near to my birthday, this year the badness happened a week prior. - And because I am an adult now, it meant by the time it was my ACTUAL birthday I wasn’t actually feeling so bad anymore, in fact, I was feeling pretty great.

The day started off with a lunch with a few of my friends at Daisy May’s BBQ, because though it was my birthday, it was also Labor Day, a day of which barbecue is required. I chose Daisy May’s because although I had never eaten there before, I had passed it dozens of times and had already planned to put it on my 100 Things to do in 2015 list, but why wait until 2015? It turned out to be a pretty great choice, delicious, relatively cheap, and apparently the Food Network loves it. Now that’s preemptively checked off!

Later that evening I headed out to a drive in in Poughkeepsie, NY. Only about an hour and a half north of NYC, it was a perfect summer night for a drive in, and being a Monday we had it all to ourselves. Who says city folks can’t appreciate wilderness or enjoy a drive in? I have no idea the last time I went to one, but I will not wait so long before going back to the Overlook. Two movies for $6? SOLD.

Today, I miraculously had the evening off from work, which worked out perfectly! It meant I was not only able to visit and become super jealous of my little brother’s new place on the LES but also stop by the Modcloth #fashiontruth event. Have I mentioned how much I love Modcloth? I think all of my major apparel purchases from the last 3 years have been from them and I was so excited to partake in the festivities and get more involved in the Modcloth community. I think they are based primarily in PA, so here’s hoping they do some more fun stuff in NYC and this isn’t the last of it! While it was fun sharing my “fashion truth” while I had on sparkly shoes and tops and how I wear something shiny everyday, I had a big smile on my face as I held up my sign which read “You Sparkle from the Inside Out.” 

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I wore a hoodie and tennis shoes to a kinky party.

Occasionally I moonlight as a promotional person/brand ambassador for a few alcohol brands. Yesterday, I was booked for a vodka sampling at a bar on Houston Street called Madame X. In the downstairs bar, I spent a few hours giving away free drinks, t shirts sunglasses and all the other useless things dumped on you during promotions. I met some pretty interesting people too; cops, drunk Ukrainians who insisted they were in the CIA, hipster videographers, etc. -A pretty interesting crowd considering the bar itself had lots of red lighting, black detailing and victorian style couches everywhere. 

Can you say B-O-U-D-O-I-R? Because that is the image they were projecting.

Towards the end of my event, I noticed many more people were coming into the bar. As I closed out, the bartender and owner explained people were arriving for an event upstairs (Apparently a secret door in the back led to an entire upstairs portion of Madame X!). They invited me to stay after I finished and attend “the kinky party.”

Slipping off my heels and covering up my brand logos with a hoodie, I made the trek upstairs and settled onto a particularly soft looking couch. People quickly sat down to chat with me, as they remembered me from earlier. I’ll tell you something, kinky people are also very kind! Maybe I was playing into a particular fetish, but after mentioning how my neck/back hurt from kayaking the other day, I was able to coerce more than one person into giving me a massage (Hey! Now I don’t need to go to Chinatown!).

One of the first people I encountered was Mr. Carpet. Dude wrapped in carpet with only a small hole for his mouth/face. Apparently, he really got off on people walking all over him. While some people in heels had some trouble balancing on him, I found my junky tennis shoes to provide lots of balance and was able to walk all over Mr. Carpet not once, but twice.

In the back there was a woman with a crop and several others with paddles, they showed men how to behave and respect the ladies in the space while an artist nonchalantly body painted people off to the side.

Toward the opposite end of the room kinky performances were going on? A spoken word poet, two rappers, a band, a performance art singer and burlesque performers got up on a balcony and put forth their kink inspired pieces.

As the night pushed forward, a couple began having sex on top of Mr. Carpet, some other people got it on in a back room that looked kind of like a cat den? They were joined by one of the burlesque dancers whose performance had her playing as a cat, so quite possibly. I was handed a paddle or two and asked to participate. My guess is probably because I’m pretty small and there’s no doubt some irony to being bossed around by someone not even half your size. But to be honest, the event was definitely female dom/male sub oriented, and that’s not totally my thing and I took more of an observer’s approach. Might not have been my thing, and might not have been quite inclined to participate, but it was definitely still interesting. I stayed for a little while longer, long enough for one guy, Paco, to yell “Bitch, you need a vacation” at me.

Yes, Paco, I do.

Adventure is out there!

I have tried to do at least one new thing a week for as long as I can remember, but for a little while I am willing to admit that I was a little distracted (by a lot of things - not just one person, or one great big city)…Now I feel it is especially important that I keep that spirit alive and keep pushing and challenging myself. Try new things, meet new people, make new friends, and maybe even become a new person.

I made a conscious effort to start this Monday, and I figure writing about it might actually be helpful. Sometimes I can be a little flighty and be too focused that I am doing something NEW to focus on exactly what is happening (beyond the newness).

First this Monday, I went to a Brooklyn Cyclones/Staten Island Yankees game.

When I am having a bad day, baseball helps! Unlike other sports, with baseball you never know when the game is going to end, so you really have to commit to it! While I have seen the Cyclones play before in their home field of MCU Park in Coney Island, I hadn’t been to the SI stadium before. Great views of Manhattan, and a nice ferry ride were had. The Cyclones lost this game, but I did not. After initially sitting in pretty dead section of the stadium to wallow (womp womp), I moved over to follow the cheers when the Cyclones scored a run. Over there I met some great new friends, Rick, George and Sam. Each season ticket holders for the Cyclones who told me I’d always be able to find them in Section 12. The great thing about Minor League baseball is:

1) You can see players about 3 years before they hit the MLB, and there’s something a little satisfying about someone reach success.

2) The minors are VERY fan friendly, every inning something is going on, so even if you aren’t a baseball fan, you’ll have lots to do and be excited about!

3) Cheap, cheap, cheap. $9/person, that can happen!

But what’s even cheaper than buying your own ticket to a minor league game? Befriending season ticket holders who give you tickets and food vouchers to come back the next day! Which is exactly what I did.

This time the Cyclones won by a landslide! True, this wasn’t a NEW experience anymore (unless you count the Cyclone victory?), but it was worth it. Coming down to join everyone in Section 12 I was greeted with hugs and also a lot of random Staten Island yankees swag. Rick even said, “Wow! I’m actually really surprised you came back!” To which I said, “Why wouldn’t I?” Because why not?

Wednesday, led me to go on a mini kayaking trip. Being inordinately lucky, I can actually keep not one, but TWO kayaks in my NYC apartment. They were dragged to the kayak launch in Red Hook at Valentino Pier (A+ for easy access to the kayak launch!), and I kayaked just before sunset across the East River to Governor’s Island and Liberty Island. First time kayaking in the East River (though no stranger to the Hudson), and it didn’t taste *completely* like battery acid! Beautiful views, and also a new appreciation for life? When those barges and ferries go through you definitely have a “OMG I’m going to be struck by a ship in open water and die” feeling. -But then you make it back and everything is okay. No pics from this event yet, and it will probably be sometime before I get the photos from my disposable waterproof camera developed, but hey, I’m not doing this for the pictures anyways.

It’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be good time.

And I found a flower in a field
A field of cars and people
Rows of concrete, paint, and steel
Manhattan is where it grew

And I thought to cut it from its stem
And take it from the cracks 
Between the bricks that it lay in
And save it from the city strife 
Away from the city life

Then someone they whispered in my ear
A country girl can’t be made out of anybody here
Don’t touch it, it loves you not
Don’t touch it, it loves you not

Cause blue birds don’t fly without their wings
And when we put them in a cage 
the world can’t hear them sing
So selfish when greed sets in
Possession, the king of sin

And people don’t ever let you down
Forever find a way to kill 
whatever life they’ve found
A heart beat and I want it too
Manhattan is where she grew

So I left and I let the flower be
And yesterday I saw the flower on cable TV
Much prettier than here with me
For all of the world to see
Much prettier than here with me

If you like Prince, you’ll like 100s.


Vienna - Billy Joel (1977)

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The best thing anyone has ever said to me ever.

The best thing anyone has ever said to me ever.